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Parents today are well aware of the importance of pre-school education because it will determine a child's future learning process.

After sending their children to primary school, many parents eventually realize that their children faced many difficulties with their studies, for example the child is unable to cope with the syllabus, lack of confidence in their studies, unable to achieve the desired results in examination and lost of interest towards certain subjects.

However, through Young's Kingdom's concept of learning-playing education module which include a series of integrated education & activities, a variety of thematic teachings and emphasis on proficiency of trilanguage learning, your children will definitely enjoy their learning process and look forward to go to school. Under such an adventurous and exciting environment, it will ensure your children to be a step ahead of the others.

Our objective is to cultivate children that are capable in solving their own problems, possess leadership qualities, good personalities and equip them with uniqueness in the aspect of intelligence and charisma, cultivate correct learning habits, emphasize on the children's management of emotional quotient and to promote a healthy body, mind and soul. We truly believe that education does not only serve the purpose of producing exam-orientated students.



YOUNG’S KINGDOM 将通过全方位的教育及活动,多元化的主题教学,注重三语学习,鼓励边玩边学习的教育模式等。让孩子期待上学,开心学习。在充满惊奇于与乐趣的环境下成长,让您的孩子赢在学习的起跑点。

YOUNG’S KINGDOM的目标是要栽培能处理问题的孩子,培养孩子的领袖特质与品格塑造,发现每个孩子独有的智能和气质,培养正确的学习习惯,注重孩子的情绪智商管理,倡导身·心·灵皆健康等。我们深信,教育的目的不是为了栽培只会应付考试的学生。


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